Welcome to Auto Cosmetics, We are an established garage specialising in Car body repairs, Bumper repairs, Scratch repair, Dent repair, Alloy wheel repair, Car servicing and the installation of Vehicle accessories including Car alarms, Parking Sensors, Dash Cams . We aim to provide a service to customers living in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester and all surrounding areas. If you have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a bump, let us have a look at it for you, from a simple shunt or something more serious we've seen it all.

 Some times a repair can be cheaper than claiming on your insurance. 
Our fully-qualified & experienced staff will have your car looking as good as new in no time !. 

Whether your car requires a small dint repair, scratch repair , alloy wheel repair or the installation of a car alarm, tracker , hands free kit , parking sensors you can be assured that all work undertaken is done by reliable, professional staff, all of whom strive to deliver beyond expectation.
We undertake work from Private Owners, Trade and Insurance Companies.

Why pay more elsewhere ? Our small but fully equipped garage helps keep our overheads and prices down. 

We pass on that saving to you. We offer high quality workmanship and great value.

Repairing Dents and Scratches

One of the most common services that a body shop provides is repairing dents and scratches on your vehicle. Car scratch repair is easy, fast, and can usually be done relatively quickly. Likewise, car dent repair services can often be done immediately as many dents can just be popped back out by a professional with the right equipment and expertise. These services will help keep your vehicle looking new and prevent the body from deteriorating.

Fixing Your Bumper

There is likely no other part of your vehicle that gets more wear and tear than your bumper. Over time, that constant wear and tear can cause dents, scuffs, and rust. Bumper repair is a far more cost-effective option than replacing it outright. This is an easy fix for the body shop, helping to keep your bumper looking new and prevent it from weakening.

Getting Rid of Scuffs

While a scuffed vehicle may not affect drivability, it will make your car look unappealing and can greatly affect the resale value. Many people believe that the only way to fix this problem is to have the area that has been scuffed replaced. Fortunately, car service specialists can actually repair it, saving you money and bringing the resale value of your vehicle back to where it should be.

Fitted Body Kits

Getting the right body kit and having it fitted properly to your vehicle can be as challenging as any major car repair. This is yet another service that car body repair technicians can take care of for you. This way, you can be sure that your kit has been installed correctly and looks perfect.

Polishing Services

In some cases, your vehicle may not need any body work, but is still looking a little lacklustre. The body shop has a simple answer to this problem by using a 3-stage body polish service for your car. This simple and inexpensive service can take a dull dusty looking vehicle and bring back that missing lustre.

Refurbishing Your Alloy Wheels

A great alternative to replacing old dingy looking alloy wheels is to have them refurbished. Using special tools, wheels that are dingy, scuffed, and sometimes even cracked can be repaired and restored to look like new. Another money saving service that will breathe new life into your vehicle.


Tinting Your Windows

Body shop specialists can make all sorts of voluntary cosmetic modifications to your vehicle. Car window tinting is one of the simplest and least expensive of such modifications while still providing a dramatic effect. In little more than a morning or afternoon, this car can completely change the way your vehicle looks on the road while offering you more privacy.
Car Alarms & Vehicle Security
Vehicle crime in the UK accounts for more than a quarter of all reported crime and 40 percent of stolen vehicles are never returned to their owners so nobody can afford to be complacent. Fitting an alarm system is a vital step in the war against car crime.
Some insurance companies will even give you a discount if you have an alarm and immobilser installed. 

Parking Sensors

AUTO COSMETICS - Reverse Parking Sensors
Having parking sensors installed  is a cost effective way of preventing accidents to your vehicle. 
As congestion builds, parking becomes more difficult maneuvering into a tight space is often hazardous.
Drivers also face problems such as condensation and fog which all reduce visibility dramatically. The same applies at night when conventional  street lighting is not always adequate. In addition to this, the modern design of today's vehicles can make it very difficult to judge how close you are to an object. Whave a wide range of front and rear parking sensors and only offer the best quality and a 3 years warranty on all products from park safe. 

Working with a Shop You Trust Sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes you just want to make your vehicle look nicer because it’s something you take pride in. Either way, working with a work shop you trust is the only way to ensure that your hard-earned money is being put to good use.

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